Opportunities of electromobility market in Ukraine

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What will you get?

Ukraine has an extensive road network of over 170,000 km which covers the entire territory of Ukraine and 28,000 electric vehicles running them now. According to the national strategy of Ukraine’s government, all vehicles are going to be electric. We suggest you become a part of this change.

 In Ukraine currently, 12 operators act in the charging infrastructure.

5180 public charging stations located all over the country. 

Where are opportunities for you? 

Ukraine is the biggest country in Central and Eastern Europe and there is a lack of high-speed chargers on intercity roots as also a lack of electrified parking places. A growing number of drivers need reliable solutions for daily and long-distance trips.

The number of electric vehicles is growing faster than the accompanying infrastructure.



Get to know your speakers

Denis Radiuk

President of Ukrainian section of AVERE

Denis is an investor and entrepreneur. His interest focused on Biodiversity, Genomics, AgTech, InfraTech, and E-mobility. He contributes against climate change with sustainable solutions and technology, social and community leadership. As an advisor, he helps EV businesses succeed in the new international markets.

He is managing the Ukrainian section of AVERE and leading cooperation with the government and embassies. 

He is a founder of GreenClinic LifeScience (Estonia), which CSR project EVIM boosted the growth and led to the formation of the modern electromobility industry in Ukraine and collaborated with Rawicom in Poland. Currently, those efforts have brought 28,000 electric vehicles on the Ukrainian roads since 2016 making the country a regional EV leader. “Ukrainian electromobility miracle” as the term is coined by Denis and widely used now. He conducts researches on diplomacy and international economic relations of the global electromobility sector.

His personal beliefs: “Exhaust tubes should disappear! Electromobility transition contributes to the well-being of entire society through the elimination of PM2.5 air pollution. Ukrainian electromobility miracle shows every country also can.”

Anhelina Lavreniuk

A Board Member of the Ukrainian section of AVERE and a Vice-President of Ukrainian section of AVERE, responsible for European Integration

She has worked in the Ukrainian section of AVERE for 3 years, mostly continuing the EVIM project objectives of interconnecting cities and countries creating a sustainable and accessible infrastructure ecosystem. Has a good connection with key electromobility stakeholders in Ukraine, often takes part in the industry and interdisciplinary round-tables, meeting as an expert speaker or participant.

Her personal beliefs: “Climate change adaptation and quality infrastructure”.


Anastasiia Ruzhyna

Аcting Secretary-General in Ukrainian section of AVERE.

She started a career 10 years ago in Michelin Ukraine, gained professional experience as a management executive at European companies of companies, became an invited lecturer at Ukrainian-American Concordia University. Mentoring innovative tech startups from the stage of an idea, stress testing hypotheses until a sustainable financial business model is found. She has an MBA from the Ukrainian-American Concordia University.

She advocates an investment climate for a sustainable mobility industry in Ukraine, energy transition projects, and Ukrainian economy decarbonization.

Her personal beliefs: “Clean air in the cities” and “Startups and innovations may live!”

Vladyslav Prytomanov

A Vice-President of Development, AVERE Ukraine

He was a сhief of infrastructure at Better Regulation Delivery Office Ukraine 2017 – 2019 years. Also, he was a member of a Working group under the  Ministry of Infrastructure for Urban and Electric Transport issues 2016 – 2019 years.

Vladyslav obtained a Master in Finance and Bachelor in Law diplomas and spent a year in Japan as a research student researching Japanese management models. Combined with western CIMA certification he connects eastern and western knowledge of management and business development.