The first national network of charging stations for electric cars in Ukraine

TOKA – is the first national network of charging stations for electric vehicles in Ukraine. The company is a member of the AVERE Ukraine association. The main task of the company is to ensure the convenient location of charging stations.

For example, in shopping and entertainment centers, supermarket parking, shops, sports clubs, office centers and night parking. The explanation of the appearance of charging stations in such places is very simple: the electric vehicle owner comes to a popular shopping mall, a sports center, a supermarket, a hospital, a parking lot, connects the car to the charging station and goes about his business. The energy for a run of 1 km accumulates for an average of 1 minute at an accelerated charge. When the owner returns, the electric vehicle is already charged. Comfortable.

«We believe that humanity has made a choice in the direction of electric vehicles. The main obstacle for this process today is the lack of the necessary infrastructure, namely charging stations of various types. There is a clear dependence – one charging station gives birth to 2 to 5 electric vehicles on the roads. We want to be pioneers in building the infrastructure. We believe that in a few years we will all be able to see our result on the roads. – Stefan Blagovisnyy Director of the First national network of electric charging complexes “TOKA”.

What does the company do?

  1. Produces ECC of two types (public and private)
  2. Organizes a public ECC network, which is accessible to anyone
  3. Performs a function of ECC operator

Company achievements:

  • They have created commercial and private charging complexes from scratch, which now consist of 50% of Ukrainian components.
  • They have developed a cloud systems platform to control TOKA electrocharging complexes.
  • They have installed more than 200 public ECC with charging power up to 340 electric vehicles simultaneously. Our ECCs are installed in Kyiv, Odessa and other regional centers of Ukraine.
  • They have developed mobile applications for Android and iOS for more convenient use of the network for customers.

You can learn more about the company on the TOKA website. You can become a client of TOKA by following the link.