EVIM Project in Ukraine

EVIM Summit’s aim is to enhance interdisciplinary cooperation on expansion of the critical sustainable infrastructure necessary for environmentally friendly development of economy and society, comprehensively accelerating e-mobility, active mobility, sharing and collaborative business models, digitization, accessibility, climate change adaptation and infrastructure development for sustainable cities, territories and biodiversity network along with other components as a one holistic ecosystem.

The Meeting Making Change

All the 4 days the summit, organised for the 4th time at row and has been taken once for 2 years only, creates the energy for growth jointly setting the development agenda for the next 2 years.

EVIM creates the value with its tradition of comprehensive and holistic approach as also high level of the audience leading the sustainable infrastructure transition and infrastructure development in the countries of Central Europe, Baltic and Balkan region and many other fast growing, changing and innovating areas of the world.

Join to contribute elaboration of the latest approaches and policies with your opinion and experience, getting the most up to date awareness from the first hands of the leading experts, policy-makers and market operators, gathering this spring at EVIM2020 Summit to discuss the opportunities and prospects in a professional and convenient environment, to define jointly and share the vision of new sustainable infrastructure ecosystem and sustainable mobility to be implemented.