Our target impact


  • For business and community 

We are working in maximum assistance regime, promoting electromobility and other kinds of sustainable transport on the institutions on the European level as the same as during development national legislation . Our platform is created for installing long-term and reliable connections among all stakeholders involved in sustainable transition of transport and infrastructure and sharing the best practices in industry.

  • For individual and society 

We provide the development of responsible society, where everyone respects other people’s right to clean air, safety and reliable data. We care about people’s health, lifespan, awareness and happiness through accelerating sustainable processes in transport and infrastructure without substantial changes of everyday lifestyle, but with reducing stress for people and environment. 

  • For environment and climate 

Our goal is to achieve the total refuse from fossil fuels, emissions from which every hour raise risks that our next generations won’t have the future on this planet. We are working together on creating sustainable safe transport and infrastructure system, which will be able to bring more benefits for society as same as to make less impact on the environment, biodiversity and climate changes. 

  • For culture and education 

We “decarbonising” people’s mind and way of thoughts, dispelling myths and providing with quality, scientifically validated information on certain issues related to electromobility and other kinds of sustainable transport. 

  • For cities and municipalities

We are happy to make cities cleaner, quieter and healthier. Electric vehicles produce significant less pollution compared to carbon fuel-based transportation. Moreover electric technologies are almost noise-free. These two factors alone allow for a considerably healthier environment than other technologies.This is particularly important in urban environments, where a large part of the European population lives or will live.