Member benefits

  • Contacts of decision makers
    Get connected and stay in touch with key people from private, community and public sectors
  • Analytics and statistics
    Big and clear picture of the industry in time
  • Removal of language barrier
    We know local languages. And we make things faster
  • Invest safely. Defend your investor rights
    Insides on the country’s and the industry’s investment climate. Due diligence.
  • Networking platform
    Be in the core of the industry
  • Legal support and legal protection
    Be familiar with the regulations. Get help, if a problem occurred
  • Find partners
    Stay productive, we do it for you. Save time and resources
  • Better market access
    Have an advantage as a member
  • Get promoted
    Speak to the audience you interested in. Get connected to the media and events
  • Support you market entry with our facilities
    Do your business as you plan with less of constraints
  • Tender assistance
    Get perfect tender and procurement assistance
  • Deployment of manufacturing facilities