Volkswagen’s new CEO will accelerate EV transition

VW’s new CEO, Oliver Blume, made his commitment to electric vehicles public on his first day in charge. Blume, in a private conversation, stated that Volkswagen would hasten its EV transition because of rising consumer demand for such vehicles. 

Volkswagen’s former CEO Herbert Diess announced his resignation at the end of August, and Blume took over the company’s leadership at that time. In 2015, Diess was voted to VW’s board following a nearly two-decade-long career at BMW, while Blume also has substantial ties to the auto sector. Blume attended the Technical University of Braunschweig (one of the best universities for research in Germany) to major in mechanical engineering back in 1988. After that, he was put into Audi’s international trainee program, where he began his professional life.

Throughout the 1990s and into the early 2000s, Blume worked in a variety of capacities within the realms of body construction and engineering. Afterwards, he moved up to Porsche, VW’s high-performance luxury subsidiary, where he is now a member of the executive board of manufacturing and logistics (2013).

Blume rose quickly through the ranks at Porsche, becoming CEO and chairman of the executive board in less than two years. Additionally, he joined VW’s executive team that same year. 

Blume has been appointed CEO of Europe’s largest automaker. Meanwhile, despite supply limitations harming the industry, VW has found success in the lucrative EV market. In Europe, the automaker was the market leader for electric vehicles (EVs), and in the United States, it was only second to Tesla. Volkswagen says the release of the all-electric ID.4 marks the “rebirth” of the company. 

Volkswagen is preparing for the future of the automotive industry by investing heavily in electric vehicles and batteries. Volkswagen has announced intentions to sell half as many electric vehicles (EVs) as gasoline-powered vehicles (HCVs) by 2030 as part of its NEW AUTO strategy, first announced earlier this year. 

Volkswagen’s new CEO will accelerate EV transition:

Volkswagen won’t slow down as EV demand soars in all big markets. Blume looks ahead. In an internal interview on his first day, he said, “I’m a lover of e-mobility and I stand by this road… we’ll preserve the existing pace and, if possible, accelerate it.”

Initial indications imply Blume will just intensify his predecessor’s aggressive EV transition. Porsche aspires for 80% electrified sales by 2030, which the new CEO reaffirmed. Porsche’s Taycan EV has boosted demand for electric cars. Blume met with top management and set forth a 10-point plan to improve electric vehicle sales in North America, Europe, and China while decreasing expenses. Blume is a cool, calm, and collected leader, making him a good choice to head Volkswagen’s EV transformation as the carmaker aims to surpass Tesla. 

Author Md Tamzid Mahmud