An energy-saving trolley-bus of local production is being tested in Vinnytsia

Vinnytsia, a city in the Southern Bug River, in west central Ukraine is in the process of testing a new trolley-bus assembled by Vinnytsia Transport Company, that has autonomous operation   said the mayor Serhiy Morgunov.

Results of the test shows that this new trolleybus is an energy-saving vehicle as its electricity consumption is 30%, as compared to the ZiU models. An electric battery charge is able to power up the vehicle up to 20 kilometers, with zero-emission transportation.

Serhiy Morgunov, the mayor of Vinnytsia said ‘The body of the trolleybus is made of material that is more resistant to corrosion. The interior has an improved ventilation and heating system. The battery unit is equipped with a climate control system has been improved”. As soon as the tests are successful, four more trolleybuses are planned to be manufactured by Vinnytsia by the end of the year

I prepared the materials Ntchindi Chilongozi Theu