Tevva introduces its first hydrogen-powered truck

London-based manufacturer Tevva Motors is launching its first hydrogen-powered truck. It is the first vehicle of this type to be mass-produced in the UK.

Tevva Motors unveiled the new 7.5 tonne fuel cell truck at the recent Road Transport Expo in Warwickshire. With a range of 499 km, the vehicle can be refueled in less than 10 minutes.

“We are very proud to launch our first hydrogen-powered truck,” said Asher Bennett, Tevva’s founder and CEO. “This is a critical milestone for our company and, more broadly, for the UK industry. Our vehicle is reliable and its users will have 24/7 support. We will also help them access sustainable and affordable hydrogen supplies.”

A vehicle with a promise of great success

The T5050 fuel cell system that powers the Tevva Motors truck was designed by renowned Canadian company Loop Energy. “We are thrilled to be the supplier of the fuel cell system for this zero-emission truck,” says Ben Nyland, CEO of Loop Energy. “This revolutionary vehicle can make a critical contribution to the decarbonization of European and North American transportation.”

According to Tevva Motors, its truck should indeed be a big hit with fleet operators located in the UK, Europe and eventually North America.