Viktor Zagreba developed for EVS 35 a vision of the reconstruction of Ukraine

Viktor Zagreba from the company Oresund LLC: Transport Planning and Urban Mobility, which is a member of the association, developed for EVS 35 a vision of the reconstruction of Ukraine taking into account clean technologies and electric mobility.

After Ukraine’s victory in the war, there will be a huge need for reconstruction, and huge opportunities for it. A mandatory component must be that this post-war recovery be green, i.e. comply with the principles of sustainable development. In this recovery, responsible business oriented towards sustainable development must play a leading role alongside the government. Post-war Ukraine will be an attractive place for doing business in a sustainable way and for joint business projects with Ukrainian and foreign capital.

Victor put this vision on a poster and you can find it in 1 of the photos.

If you represent an EU or USA business and share this way of thinking, let’s get in touch and prepare for the future together. Together, we can develop business with the help of external financing programs and cooperation with modern, honest and innovative Ukrainian businesses.

We thank Viktor Zagreba for developing a new vision for the reconstruction of Ukraine. AVERE Ukraine unites businesses for a better and sustainable future!