Road safety during war. Online-meeting of the members of “The Campaign for Safe Roads”

Road traffic safety has not become less important in wartime conditions. The measures to help save the lives of civilians are obtaining special importance, including in areas where fighting is less intense.

Continuing the joint 2020 initiative of Safe roads Manifesto with preventive zero mortality tolerance principle, the partners from all Ukraine, who have been engaged in different directions of road traffic safety for several years, now carry on their work. On 25 March Denis Radiuk and Angelina as the representatives of AVERE Ukraine together with other representatives CEDEM, VisionZeroUA, Kyiv Urban Crew, Advocacy Incubator, Ukrainian Association of Road Safety Auditors participated in the working meeting. 

In particular, they discussed important issues of road safety in wartime conditions in Ukraine:

  • The road safety regulatory system must take into account the situation and be adapted to current conditions depending on the level of safety in each region. Different territories were affected by the war. Road traffic safety measures that were relevant in peacetime can be difficult to implement in relatively peaceful areas, and in conditions of hostilities ー impossible at all.
  • It is important to simplify the settlement of legal relations between the parties to an accident. The road accidents had not disappeared when the war started. Under martial law, any delay in removing damaged vehicles from the roadway or obtaining insurance compensation has far more consequences than in peacetime.
  • As an alternative for dismantled signs of settlements can be ​​used signs 5.53/5.54 “The beginning / end of the built part of a settlement”. These signs will mark areas where the drivers have to reduce speed. Destroyed signs of settlements have helped to get lost more than one enemy column on our land. But it has made it more difficult for observance of the proper speed regime in settlements.

What other road safety issues do you think need to be addressed in wartime? Please share your thoughts on and we will add it to agenda

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